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Meet Ulillillia

Post by Seany C on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:04 am

This is Ulillillia:

He is a 25 year old reclusive videogame addict who describes anywhere outside of an 8 mile radius of his house as "unknown territory".
He runs a website called Ulillillia City which is basically an overly technical and descriptive journal of many assets of his life.
In this thread I shall be taking key excerpts from his website, bringing forth that what makes Ulillillia so great.

Mind Game:

This animated GIF above shows some of the few thrills and crazy stunts I do in my mind game, a futuristic-like video game I play in my mind often. It takes a day or two to climb a mountain 6900 feet high, but in my mind game, with the use of the float run and numerous other special abilities, it takes under a minute. The above animation is in true time and is scaled realistically with very strong 3D effects. The behavior exactly matches that in my mind game. The animation loops forever and lasts about 80 seconds per loop, the time it takes to go up and down the mountain.

This animation only hints at some of the strange and bizarre things I do in my mind game. There are many strange things featured in my mind game that I do almost daily in some way. These are as follows:

Supernatural abilities used in real-world type situations, like climbing up a mountain and jumping a half mile high then crashing into a wall near the speed of sound unhurt.
Intense speeds which allow me to cruise anywhere in small amounts of time. No machines required. Though, making tight turns on a raceway can be difficult.
Fully customizable physics where I can change the force of gravity from 21.9 mph per second to 20 or 80 mph per second. I can constantly speed up forever while falling and when I land from intense speeds, a huge shockwave is emitted, or I may just bounce up at half the speed and weaken the effects of the shockwave.
Run without touching the ground and without using machines at speeds exceeding well past the speed of sound (for horizontal movement, I've reached about mach 2.5 or about 1800 mph).
Extremely large expanse of menus and controls. Though the menus are almost never used, except to check some stats and to view the big map.

Truth be told, sometimes I can't tell what the fuck he is talking about, like in this next excerpt. I think all of this occurs whilst he's waiting for his cue to perform in a Shakespeare play IRL. I'm not entirely sure how firm his grip between reality and his own imagination is but he doesn't seem to overlap his mind game and his real life experiences.

3 Examples of long-term activity
3.1 Reaching level 2000
3.1.1 Getting Chief Mandar

During early June of 2002, around the time I was at a Shakespeare play (acting in one), I had my mind game running while waiting for my cue. Earlier, like in May of 2002, I had an event set up in which I was visiting an Indian village around the early 1800's. I was jumping around and stuff like I usually do and the chief, Chief Mandar as he was called, found a great interest in my capabilities. He, then, was convinced enough, through a short talk, that he wanted to become supernatural. He joined my group.

3.1.2 Getting Tu

Later on, much further to the east, in the same time era (maybe a few minutes or an hour later), I had an event in which a slave was being treated poorly. I came to the rescue by putting up unusual practical jokes by making good use of the fire, fire2, ice, and create spells (not targeting anyone or anything, but plain open air). After the "master" was too terrified about the increasing rate of fires and mysterious objects popping up out of nowhere, he fled the area and when he did, I casted a quick water spell (don't remember exactly) as a finale and then the would've-been slave joined my group now having two in the party. I couldn't think of a name for the second one and since he was the second one listed on the main menu, I thought of calling him "two" after the number 2. I later changed this to Tu.

3.1.3 Levelling up like crazy

Now that I had a group, I began levelling them up like crazy fighting monsters, most of which were later used in my main script. Past the 400's they went soon into the 500's and 600's. By the start of the Shakespeare play acting, they were right on the edge of getting to level 700. At the end of the acting thing, they were starting into level 800 or so. At this point, not even that master could stand up to them, not even an athlete. Later on, when just hitting the 2000 mark, I returned them as supernatural beings where they came from.

He also keeps a dream journal which he categorizes like so:

831 total dreams
44 mud dreams
129 video game dreams
68 water dreams
16 nightmares
163 travel dreams
87 uncategorized dreams
107 weird dreams
55 fun dreams
17 computer dreams
54 school dreams
91 exploration dreams

This is a recreation of one of his favourite mud dreams which involves four people neck deep in mud staring at a house on a bridge. A lot of mud dreams consist of people standing or wading around in mud 'for no apparent reason'. One dream lasted approximately 4 hours where he watched a child play in shoulder deep mud occasionally taking bathroom breaks until going in when the sun set.

Ulillillia suffers from many irrational fears which he explains in detail on his website.

The origins of this fear is due mainly to my severe video game addiction. Back in those days, the graphics were of very low quality and the water was extremely blue. Although other colors were used, most of the time, it was a solid blue. In some games, if you jumped in, you'd die immediately. In other games, you could swim around in it without trouble (except that enemies did some damage, not the "blue water" itself). The origins date back to around 1989 or so. By my definition of "blue water", it's any puddle, swimming pool, or outdoor body of water. Showers and baths were considered "white water" instead. I believed that, if I simply touched it, as with those games, I'd die.

Ketchup and mustard:
The origins of this comes from my severe video game addiction and Metroid. In Metroid, when you had it where the screen scrolls horizontally, you had lava below, normally yellow, red, or pink (magenta is most likely). From this, even as early as first or second grade, anything that was a strong red or yellow (like the red carpeted stage in the basement of my elementary school, or the yellow mustard bottles during lunch) was considered to be "lava" as from Metroid.

4.1.1 Origins

The cause to the problem with stairs is not fully certain. It started sometime during my middle school years, early in 7th grade as far as I can think of. Before this, I had absolutely no trouble with stairs. To climb up stairs, I either have to walk on all fours using my hands to "pull" myself up as if it was a steep slope. Either that, or I'd "pull" myself up using the guard rails, if any.

Oddly enough, I have no trouble going up and down stairs correctly in my mind game.

4.1.2 Problem events

I have quite a few recalled events involving this problem.

One of which is that I, at the time, pulled myself up at my middle school to get into the special classroom. I went between the boards on the side rather than using the stairs. The staff didn't like it so they forced me to do it the "normal" way and this issue got worse because of it.
In my first high school I went to, which was three floors, I had to often throw the books in my bag or push them at a fairly high speed from the top them climb on all fours to get down. To go up, I had to use the pendulum effect to gain momentum and throw my books up when there was a clearance to avoid hitting anyone.
When going down, I tend to speed up and when I get too fast, often near the bottom of small staircases, I jump where I have a lot of forward movement and I sometimes crash into a wall from it or make a big pounding sound from landing from a fall of about 3 or so feet.

4.1.3 Progress

Since 9th grade (late August 1999), the problem has neither improved nor gotten worse. It has remained otherwise the same.

The P words: Indirect signs

The origins of this date back to when I was only around 9 years old. When I or my sister said the word "cool", we'd make a buzzing sound. I recorded this on tape several times, but don't have any known traces (and with over 50 tapes to search through, I'd need nearly a week to sort through all of them). The letter P

Shortly after, I soon got a related issue with the letter "P". I don't recall much on when it occurred or much about it. Kid-safe cartoon bad for me

This problem actually started as early as late 1997. I know as I had it in 7th grade but doubtfully in 6th grade. During this time, I was watching a cartoon. The cartoon was an action cartoon otherwise safe for children. In this cartoon, some of the characters, with green hair, were saying of saving their [insert bad word here]. The way they used it triggered this and it has been with me since. I no longer write, speak, or read the word aloud. I can, however, only very indirectly mention it (more directly through a bunch of clues).

The two "bad" words are:
1. A single human. Has the same beginning sound of "purse", the thing females carry around often. (used in a common phrase: "meet in ______")
2. Multiple humans as a group. Has the same ending syllable (for the sound) as "apple" and the same beginning sound as "P" as said as a letter. (Fill in the blank: "A stadium holds about 50,000 ______.")

4.2.2 Problem events The 3's and 1's crossout system

On school papers or anything copied as worksheets (but not textbooks), I'd take my pencil and really scratch that word out until it was completely covered. The scratching stuff began in the 8th grade, possibly the 7th grade. To explain what I mean by this, consider this example, of the exact same question. The left is the original and the right is what I'd do to it.

You'll have to look closely to catch the p-word scratchouts. The colors are quite accurate to what normal paper, ink and pencil are. How the system works

Also, at the top or bottom of the page in the margins [or where there is a large space of white], I write a bunch of numbers at the top, mostly 1's and 3's. In this case, you'll see two 3's and one 1. I still use this system today, mainly in forums in quoted replies where the word is used a lot and on any spam postal mail I get. Here's how the number system worked, exactly the way it was and still is.

For the per___ word, it's scratched out and 1 point is given.
For the peo___ word, it's scratched out and is worth 3 points.
If either of the p-words are hyphenated, one more point is added on, making per___ worth 2 and peo___ worth 4.
If the word is in bold, the score is doubled making per worth 2 [hyphenated worth 3 [not 4, as the hyphenation score is added on last]] for the per___ version and 6 for the peo___ version [7 if hyphenated].
If the word is underlined, the score is doubled in the same fashion as bold.
If the word is italicized, the score is doubled in the same fashion as bold and underline.
If the word is of font size 15 to 20 [estimated (low end included, but high end not included)], scoring is doubled, 21 to 28 for quadruple, 29 to 36 for 8 times [octuple], 37 to 48 for 16 times [sexdecuple], and 48 and above was multiplied by 32 [duotrigintuple]. Font sizes automatically double the effect of the hyphen [meaning that a size 30 hyphen would add 8 to the score, not 1].
If the word is used in excess in a small area [like one in every 20 words for 5 words], one bonus point is added. If it was 1 in 15 words for 5 words, 3 points are added. These bonuses don't affect the single words, even if nothing else is crossed off, something will appear in the corner. My example above would qualify for the 1 in 15 bonus thus the reason for the extra 3 at the end.
Scores above 9 were noted by A48 to denote 48 or A192 to denote 192.
0 points denoted a good page (the word wasn't used at all). From 1-9 points, it was a fair page (used, but not intensely). 10 to 29 points denoted a bad page. 30 and above denoted a horrible page where the word was used too much or too excessively.

His fears make his life difficult, here he tries to explain how merely shopping at a department store can be a challenge for him:
Let's say that I needed to go to a department store. Let's call this department store "The Mirror Maze Department Store". I need to get a few items for myself as well and need to follow my parents. Here's an overlay of this imaginary department store:

This image here has many colors and is color-coded. Here's what each color represents:

black - building borderlines and road; also the textual descriptions of the departments
red - flat mirror - cannot cross in front of one where the yellow areas are - these can only face one direction
yellow - the bad zone - an area in which you cannot go due to a flat mirror
cyan - the bad zone - an area in which you cannot go due to a ceiling mirror
green - special areas or a wall
dark green - key items you need on this run
blue - ceiling mirror - the worst of them all, these block much access to areas and are spherical; their "bad area" range, fortunately, is limited due to their design
light-gray - counters and shelves
dark cyan - dressing rooms
magenta - hall way boundaries - an open path to get between departments easier; may go off of if no mirrors are in the way

This map has a scale of 1 pixel is 6 inches making the store about 10,000 square feet. Straight up on the image is considered as "north".

On this run, you need to buy these items [department is noted in brackets and where the items are located is marked in dark green]:

ink for a printer [electronics]
a pack of pencils [general supplies]
three shirts of nearly any kind [men's clothing]
get a replacement oil filter [mechanical]
oil filter and four quarts of oil [mechanical]
look for a gift for someone who likes to read [book zone]
get about 15 to 20 packets of seeds [gardening]
buy a purse with at least 2 zipper side pockets and of medium size [women's clothing]

2.1.3 Workarounds

There are few known workarounds. One of which involves the flat mirrors. I use a technique I call "angle bisection". This method works by getting to a position close to the mirror's path and looking what's in the mirror. I then find the object shown in the mirror, map its position and bisect the angle (split it in half). This gives the angle the mirror is facing. I then calculate the width of the mirror and add 10% of my distance from the nearest edge of the mirror to create the "hazard zone". This technique does not work, however, with those stubborn curved mirrors. The curved mirrors are the worst. I take longer to find the object in the mirror, sometimes even twice as long, as it does for me to map the position, bisect the angle, and create the "hazard zone" from all those calculations.

He has more fears listed on the fears page of his website.
Fun fact: Water is one of the few fears he has overcome:

He has recently written and published his own book, The Legend of The 10 Elemental Masters which is currently at 5 stars with just under 40 customer ratings. you can read the first few pages by clicking preview.

If this has intrigued you then his website should provide plenty of facinating reading.
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Re: Meet Ulillillia

Post by Kaptain Kaviar on Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:58 pm

What the fuck... that book is totally insane.
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Re: Meet Ulillillia

Post by Seany C on Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:55 pm

I'm tempted to buy a copy.
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Re: Meet Ulillillia

Post by JokerJamie on Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:40 pm

Jesus. That dude is fucked up.

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Re: Meet Ulillillia

Post by gdf on Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:15 pm

I love aspies on the internet. This guy seems awesome.

Check this out Sean (the comments, not the interview). Unrelated, but still hilarious.

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Re: Meet Ulillillia

Post by NYNE on Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:00 am

(Three second pause) Wow.


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Re: Meet Ulillillia

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