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Post by Seany C Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:05 pm

15/7/09 - Chatbox removed due to taking up space on the layout and low forum traffic
15/7/09 - 'Urgent Shit' topics now called 'Announcements' again
16/7/09 - Changed the automated welcome message to something more formal and friendly
16/7/09 - By-line for the teahouse changed from 'Service with a Swede' to 'The gentleman's dwelling' as chosen by the community in a petition to have it changed
16/7/09 - Reputation/thanks system and advanced profile added and put on trial period
16/7/09 - reputation values for the teahouse changed from the default to +2, -2, Thanks 5
16/7/09 - Kaptain Kaviar now has the ability to ban members
17/7/09 - 'Humour' on member profiles changed to 'About me'
30/7/09 - GIRLFRIEND smiley added
Seany C
Seany C

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